International courses

Our courses are part of the Swiss International VET Academy programme. This programme support all forms of competence or skills development for Technical and Vocational Education on a pedagogical-didactical, methodological or systemic level. We are convinced of the benefits of the dual-track model and encourage, in collaboration with local experts, a culturally adapted insertion of its core elements.

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Advanced pedagogy – new approaches to successful teaching and instructing

10 to 14 June 2024
Face-to-face, English

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CAS Marché du travail, systèmes de certification et assurance qualité

Ecosystème de l'éducation, suivi et évaluationDu 26 février au 01 mars 2024
Assurance qualitéDu 04 au 08 mars 2024
Système de certification Du 11 au 15 mars 2024

Présentiel, français

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Basis of vocational pedagogy

No available dates at the moment
Face-to-face, English or French

International VET Consultant

Understanding the Swiss VET system from the inside

No available dates at the moment
Face-to-face, English

Main concept of the Academy

The Swiss International VET Academy Programme courses are characterised by their emphasis on acquiring skills that are readily actionable in real working situations. To achieve this, it is imperative that the professional pedagogy is effective, rigorous and applicable in the international context. In order to fulfil these requirements, our academy regularly offer courses to experience and understand the Swiss VET model and to allow participants to develop a valid representation of it as well as of the Situated VET – a holistic approach for effective pedagogy and didactics in VET developed by SFUVET.

Portrait Ivana Georgievska
«Excellent training courses for in-depth understanding of the structure of the Swiss VET/PET system and its underlying success factors. Its approach made it engaging with opportunities to experience various parts of the system and have discussions with different stakeholders.»
Ivana Georgievska
Vocational Education and Training Expert in the Swiss «Education for Employment in Macedonia» Project

Our high quality services worldwide 

Since 2018, over 120 participants from all over the world have joined our courses. We are your trusted partner for:

  • Elaborating labour market responsive and competence-oriented curricula
  • Training highly competent VET teachers and instructors in companies
  • Establishing effective pedagogical arrangements to develop the competencies of the future workforce
  • Advising on an sustainable dual track skills development or (T)VET system on upper secondary or tertiary level
  • Conducting relevant research and evaluation in the field of VET
  • Approaching functional mindset for (inter)acting in VET